Scary Savannah and Beyond is husband and wife team of Brett and Crystal. We started the podcast because we love the area we live in and have experienced so many good stories that we want to share with the world. Savannah's the most haunted city in America!

We research ghost stories, legends, true crime, and oddity stories and bring them to you in weekly installments on our podcast.

We also review movies and television shows in our "What We're Watching" segment, giving them a rating of 1-12 dog treats.

In our Layla and Coffee Talk segment, we talk about what our bosses (the dogs) have been doing that week.

The picture below represents our relationship - we'll let you guess who is who.


About the Hosts

CoffeeProfile Photo


Dog / Stunt Double / Videography

Coffee is a 1.5 year old mutt. She enjoys eating, running, running, running, running, and barking. She has too many zoomies to count. She also is our key grip and helps with videography.

LaylaProfile Photo


Dog / Executive Producer / Dance Mom

Layla is a five year old lab mix, and tops the scales at 85 pounds, 7% of that being Chihuahua. She enjoys eating, sleeping, barking, and doing extensive re-writes on our scripts to ensure historical accuracy.

CrystalProfile Photo


Head Writer / Co-Host / Face of the Podcast

Crystal is an author and is quite fond of her two dogs, Layla and Coffee. She loves designing and planting plants. She is an amazing script writer and has to reign in Brett from time to time to keep him from being, well, Brett.

BrettProfile Photo


Producer / Co-Host / Voice Acting

Brett is a writer, musician, and professional talker.
He loves podcasting and editing, and can sometimes be accused of buying one too many plugins for his DAW (according to Crystal).
He loves playing his bass guitar and can be seen around the Savannah area doing just that.
He loves to act and do voice overs.