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Awesome podcast

Scary Savannah and beyond has become my faviorte podcast. i love the wittey comentary and all the stories. i love listening to the new episodes every monday morning on my hour long drive to work it makes the drive a easier to deal with, and now that yall are going biweekly i get to relisten to old episodes. Keep up the great work guys, and hopefully Oscar doesnt stray to far away!!!

Favorite Podcast

Love listening weekly to hear new stories! Keep up the great work!

Thank you guys

Y’all are awesome!!! funny and comforting southern charm. Brett and Crystal are really engaging and knowledgeable hosts, great historical research combined with lore and paranormal anecdotes for your favorite haunts of the south. Sending love from Houston Texas. 👻

Scary Savannah

I absolutely love this podcast! Brett and Crystal are such great hosts with wonderful personalities! My wife and I frequent Savannah as much as possible, and love these fantastic stories! Please keep up the amazing work! Keith & Nicole

I started listening to this podcast around the 15th episode, and I completely feel in love, i love hearing the ploit twist some of these stories have, they keep you on your toes. I love listening to this podcast on my way to work, and I am always excited for the next episode to come out. And I love hearing what the dogs are up to next. Keep up the great work, and keep the spooky stories rolling!!

Scary Savannah

I found this podcast by chance. I have fallen in love with the hosts as they deliver their stories and play off of each other. I will definitely continue to listen and watch on YouTube Barry

Thank y’all!

I LOVE THE SHOW!!!! I’m originally from Savannah,when I retired from the US Navy my wife at the time (Ex Wife now) wanted to move back to her original hometown in DELAWARE!🤦🏽 Now I’ve made a life here. But the want and need to come home will always be there! I love how y’all talk about town and mention places and streets It’s like I KNOW WHERE THAT IS! Sorry this is long winded, but I love what y’all are doin so please keep it up! The paranormal was always been talked about and around when I lived at home so it’s great to hear the stories again!

Love it

This is such a great podcast! I love a good scary story!

Really enjoying

I love Savannah and true crime and paranormal content. Win win! 😄

Great podcast

I just found the podcast today, the first one I listened to was episode 11 and from the start I was impressed with the audio quality. The host have such captivating voices and make the topic they’re talking about so interesting. Definitely recommend listening to this podcast.

Absolutely Amazing

While researching ghost stories, I found this podcast and became instantly hooked. The combo team of husband and wife have the passion and ability to present the haunted Savannah by actually being there and talking to people who can provide their experiences. They are real people doing what they really enjoy and it shines through every episode. If you want some really good Southern gothic, this is the place to be. Thanks and keep up the great work.


I just found your podcast and I have enjoyed it so much! I have been visiting Tybee and Savannah for over 20 years. Love to learn more about the cities that I have spent so much time in. Fantastic way to pretend that I am on Tybee Time for a little bit during the day.

5 stars

I’m not from Georgia, but I am into true crime, and this pod does it well! I started with the episode on the Black Widow of Georgia and loved it. Subscribed and ready to binge!


I love this husband and wife duo! Well researched topics of discussion. I love the Savannah area and all it has to offer, especially the ghosts! I would love to hear more stories of our home state of North Carolina. Keep up the great work! Tammy J