Choked to Death by Law - Caroline Shipp, Dallas, NC #truecrime #podcast #videopodcast

In this week’s episode we talk about the story of a young African American woman who was put to death for the murder of her 11 month old son in Dallas, North Carolina.

She holds the distinction of being the last woman hanged in North Carolina, in 1892.

We talk about the execution and the story from the Gaston Gazette, a local newspaper that published an article at the time this happened.

A reporter from the Gazette spoke with Caroline shortly before her execution and wrote about it.

On What We’re Watching, we talk about the Battle-Bots, an amazing show we just discovered where automated robots try to destroy each other. Flamethrowers are involved, much to Brett’s delight.

On Layla and Coffee talk, the girls become hard working gardeners and help Crystal with the weeds.

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Gaston Gazette article:


0:00:00 Intro
0:02:52 Alex Murdaugh Update
0:04:16 Dallas NC - The Caroline Shipp Story Location
0:05:49 Biggerstaff Park - Shelby Hamfest
0:07:33 Dallas Cotton Ginning Days
0:09:56 History of Dallas, NC
0:11:15 Caroline Shipp - Choked to Death by Law
0:36:14 Caroline Shipp - Ghost Rumors
0:39:37 Caroline Shipps song by the Scatterlings
0:41:28 What We're Watching - Battlebots
0:46:38 Layla and Coffee Talk
0:49:38 Outro