Cursed Films Part 2: More Cursed Films! #cursed #films #podcast #videopodcast #movies #paranormal

In this week’s episode we talk about more cursed films! In Crystal’s research she found an abundance of cursed films, so in this episode we cover several more.

We talk about “The Possession” and its mysterious Dybbuk box, the Superman saga which spans from the ‘50s all the way up to the movie series, “Passion of the Christ”, The Dark Knight trilogy, the massive flop “Waterworld”, “Twilight Zone: The Movie”, and the completely insane movie “Roar.”

On What We’re Watching, we review the 2017 Horror/Drama show “Slasher: Season 2”

And on Layla and Coffee talk, Coffee solves cold fusion, tells no one.

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Video contents

0:00 Intro
4:46 Our week
6:48 The Possession
10:04 Superman Saga
16:03 Passion of the Christ
23:12 The Dark Knight Triology
28:10 Waterworld
33:24 Twilight Zone: The Movie
40:31 Roar
49:43 What We’re Watching
56:39 Layla and Coffee Talk
58:31 Outro