Is the Clown Motel the most haunted in America? Plus we visit The Mizpah Hotel and Tonopah, NV

In this week’s episode we visited Tonopah, NV.

We’re huge fans of Las Vegas, and when we were there on our most recent trip, we saw that one the most haunted motels in America is just a short 3:45 minute car ride (Crystal’s idea of short), so we drove and stayed the night at the Haunted Clown Motel in Tonopah, NV!

We talk about our experience on this episode, as well as some of the history of Tonopah Cemetery and the haunted Mizpah Hotel!

We were lucky enough to stumble on a local historian who told us about the cemetery and its history.

We also managed to interview the manager of the Haunted Clown Motel and asked him about his experiences there.

On What We’re Watching, we decided to review the 2016 Horror Movie “Clown Motel.”

And on Layla and Coffee talk, we talk about Greek Yogurt and how it has changed Layla and Coffee’s lives.

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00:00:00 Intro
00:04:58 We visit Tonopah, Nevada
00:12:59 Wyatt Earp in Tonopah
00:14:23 Stalking Cat, former Tonopah resident
00:22:05 The Haunted Mizpah Hotel
00:31:02 The early days of Tonopah and the Cemetery
00:32:27 Interview with Tonopah historian regarding the Tonopah Cemetery
00:38:55 The residents of the Tonopah Cemetery
01:01:16 The famous “Big Bill” in Tonopah Cemetery
01:02:21 The Haunted Clown Motel
01:15:09 Interview with the Clown Motel manager
01:22:04 Tonopah today
01:26:16 What We’re Watching - “Clown Motel”
01:32:13 Layla and Coffee Talk
01:34:21 Outro