RKB Paranormal Investigators interview with Scary Savannah and Beyond

In this week’s episode we interview Dickson, TN based RKB Paranormal. They are a paranormal investigation and research team that do the real world investigation and documentation of paranormal entities. Learn more about how a real team goes about hunting ghosts!
On What We’re Watching, we review the 2014 comedy horror comedy film, “What We Do in the Shadows.”

And on Layla and Coffee talk, we find out what a good work buddy a dog can be..
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0:00 Intro
5:57 Interview with RKB Paranormal
36:36 Video of Historic Scott County Jail
47:35 What We’re Watching - What We Do in the Shadows
55:43 Layla and Coffee Talk
57:06 Outro
58:32 Merchandise Giveaway