Tybee Island Police Blotter 2/5/23-2/18/23 - Alex Murdaugh Update Week 5 #podcast #alexmurdaugh

In this week’s bonus episode we’re going back to the Tybee Island Police Blotter to talk about some of the crazy things that go on on the island right outside of Savannah, Georgia.

Women getting their beards tugged on? A person with no name or birthday? It all just makes sense.

We also talk about the Alex Murdaugh murder trial. Week 5 has just concluded, and we talk about the latest details in the case.

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00:00:00 Intro
00:00:35 Tybee Island Police Blotter
00:22:32 Alex Murdaugh Murder Trial Update Week 5
00:42:02 Voicemail from Listener
00:43:02 Outro