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Damion and his best friend Josh started RKB Paranormal in June 2020. They have been best friends for 30 years and have had a common interest in the paranormal since they were teenagers. During those years they, along with their other best friend Keith, spent countless hours in any abandoned house or cemetery they heard was haunted and investigated. And starting an actual paranormal team was something they always wanted to do.
In June of 2011 Keith, who was a police officer in their home town of Dickson, TN was shot and killed in the line of duty. At that time their dream of starting a team took a huge hit but in June of 2020 after an investigation with a few friends at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in East Tennessee they decided it was time to officially start their team. And to honor their fallen friend they named their team after him and used his initials RKB and they became RKB Paranormal.

May 9, 2022

Ep. 27: Ghost Investigators RKB Paranormal Interview

In this week’s episode we interview Dickson, TN based RKB Paranormal. They are a paranormal investigation and research team that do the real world investigation and documentation of paranormal entities. Learn more about how a real team goes about...

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